How is Equestra different?

Equestra Equine Omeprazole is an enteric-coated, granular, in-feed omeprazole formulation. It is not a paste and does not come in the form of a syringe. Equestra is presented in the form of small, spherical granules that are added to a small amount of feed.

Equestra is unique, and different to other formulations currently available in the market – with significant benefits.


Easy to administer in-feed

New Technology

Enteric-coated granules

Highly Bioavailable

Proven increased bioavailability

Convenient and stress free

Say goodbye to the stress and struggle of catching an already tender and unhappy horse, force-feeding the contents of a syringe down its throat, and trying to work out if the full dose has been consumed or landed on the floor. Pastes are a stressful ordeal for all.

Bright blue Equestra granules are easy to see, easy to administer and make the treatment and prevention of ulcers in your horse a whole lot more convenient.

New technology

Omeprazole (the active constituent in Equestra) needs to reach the small intestine where it is absorbed. On its journey, it first needs to pass through the harsh environment of the stomach, including the acidic pH, which breaks down and destroys certain types of medication.

Equestra’s unique enteric coating protects the Omeprazole from being destroyed in the stomach and ensures it is safely delivered to the small intestine for optimal absorption.

Highly bioavailable

When the bioavailability of a drug is increased, a greater amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) reaches the target site. This can lead to a more potent therapeutic effect and can result in a faster onset of action. Peer reviewed, published clinical trials have shown Equestra to have increased bioavailability compared to other formulations.

Click here to see the faster onset of action as well as the increased therapeutic effect.

Equestra Testimonial:
Super grateful to have had the opportunity to use Equestra when we went to Melbourne! The horses loved it and was super easy to use. Thx Team NZ.
Eventing New Zealand

Omeprazole is the active constituent in Equestra and the only approved medication that is proven to heal and prevent equine gastric ulcers.

Ask your vet about Equestra Equine Omeprazole for the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers in your horse.

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