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Equestra Equine Omeprazole

Treat and prevent gastric ulcers in your horse

Equestra Equine Omeprazole is an enteric-coated, granular, in-feed omeprazole formulation used for treating and preventing the recurrence of gastric ulcers in adult horses.  Created using new technology, Equestra is unique in the marketplace and provides a new level of convenience to administration.


Easy to administer in-feed

New Technology

Enteric-coated granules

Highly Bioavailable

Proven increased bioavailability

Make sure you you read How is Equestra different? for a more detailed description of the benefits of Equestra.

Equestra Testimonial:
Super grateful to have had the opportunity to use Equestra when we went to Melbourne! The horses loved it and was super easy to use. Thx Team NZ.
Eventing New Zealand

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