How is my horse affected?

Equine gastric ulcers can be painful and affect the performance, behaviour and wellbeing of a horse. See some of the negative affects ulcers can have on performance below. To see a list of behavioural and other symptoms, please see our  symptoms of equine gastric ulcers page.

Poor performance or reluctance to work can be a result of ulcers

Race horses

In racehorses gastric ulcers can reduce stride length, limit training progression and reduce the time to fatigue. This is a result of the pain associated with ulcers affecting abdominal strength and the mechanics of breathing. Fatigue leads to horses slowing towards the end of a race.

Treatment studies have shown improved performance measures after ulcer resolution in racehorses.

Sport and leisure horses

In sport and leisure horses we often see the effect of fatigue due to the pain and discomfort associated with gastric ulceration. Eventers and all disciplines will often resist when collecting or extending their stride, or even refuse to jump with ulceration.

Treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers with Equestra Equine Omeprazole will assist in ensuring that your horse maintains peak performance.

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